White Sage Balm


A moisturizing aromatic balm that heals minor skin ailments and purifies the spirit.

White Sage can be found growing in the hills and mountains of Southern and Central California.  Considered sacred to the People's of Native America for the cleansing-purifying qualities of it's smoke and strong spiritual powers White sage is truly a gift of Mother Earth.  Throughout the United states, Canada and even the rest of the world It is used by native and non-native peoples alike.   If you want to enjoy the benefits of this sacred plant and also moisturize and protect your skin, this is a wonderful choice.   The White sage balm is made using a distillation of the flowers from the white sage plant and an infusion of Sage Brush.

Directions:  White sage has a menthol like quality and a mild stimulating effect when inhaled.  If you are traveling or on the go and become tired, the White sage essential oil in this balm will give you a moment of clarity and temporarily provide a much needed lift.  Rub a small amount of the White sage balm in your hands, than lightly rub under your nose and inhale.


Dry skin: This balm is not meant to be used as a regular moisturizer but as an aid for temporary dry skin conditions. 

Minor skin ailments: Minor ailments are any kind of little bump, bruise, bug bite or stress driven rash that might crop up in our day to day and especially when we are traveling.  You will find this balm to be 90% effective on most of these minor problems.   


Organic ingredients: Sunflower, Coconut & Macadamia nut oils, Calendula flower infusion.

Wildcrafted ingredients:  Essential oil of White Sage (Salvia Apiana) Fair Trade African Shea butter.

Non-Organic ingredients  (Pesticide FREE) Golden Jojoba oil, Bee's wax, and Vitamin E (Isolated Tocopherol).


Store in a cool place and refrigerate in summer time.  For external use only.  This product contains Nut oils.