Sore Joint Rub

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May relieve discomfort associated with symptoms of Arthritis or Sore muscles.

This Traditional remedy is hand-crafted using a Proprietary blend of Navajo herbs and is used mainly to relieve the pain from aching or sore joints, associated with arthritis.  It can also be used as a sore muscle rub.  The plants in this salve have there own subtle heating quality and add a pleasant natural aroma.  This means there is no burning sensation or unpleasant smell left on the skin, after use.

Directions: Use as often as necessary for relief of pain or soreness.  Rub small amounts directly into affected areas.  If initial results are not satisfactory, try applying in conjunction with heat, like a hot towel, heating pad or after a hot shower or bath. This can help the healing properties of the plant to penetrate more easily into the affected area.  In traditional way the herb was used in the sweat lodge but a steam bath or sauna are almost as good.

Herbs/herbal remedies effect different people in different ways. We have been told amazing stories by people who swear that this traditional remedy healed some major problem they had, like not being able to walk because of debilitating joint pain.  While this is defiantly the exception and we of course do not make any claim to this fact, it is the best selling product that we produce.



Organic ingredients: Sunflower oil & Calendula flower infusion.

Wildcrafted ingredients: Infusion & extract of Navajo herbs (proprietary blend)* reduce the pain and swelling of sore joints.  African Shea butter.

Non-Organic ingredients  (All Natural-Pesticide FREE) Golden Jojoba oil, Bee's wax and Vitamin E (Isolated Tocopherol).


Store in a cool place or refrigerate in the summer time.  For external use only.  This product does contain Nut oils.

*The Traditional Navajo herb blend in this product is a proprietary blend of Medicine of the People, therefore we have not provided common or scientific information.