Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe Flag 10-Color


Three foot by five foot Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Flag featuring a beautiful 10 color tribal logo designed by Julius Simon Peters. 

NYL-GLO 100% Nylon    Made in the USA

"This logo not only represents the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe, but it symbolizes two very important people that had a major impact on my life.

The middle of the logo symbolizes the headdress worn by my Grandfather, Simon Peters. Simon Peters was a traditional man with old Indian values.

My grandfather’s headdress was made of Eagle and Pheasant feathers. The Eagle is a sacred bird of the Indians, he chose the Pheasant because it was a beautiful bird to him.

The top of the logo symbolizes the yolk my grandmother, Annie Peters, wore upon her chest. She once told me the floral design meant beauty and love.

The acorns upon the logo were worn by both my Grandfather and Grandmother. They considered the acorns to be a symbol of Indian people.

My Grandparents had once stated to me, “The acorns are like the Indian people. Once small and new to the world, but with time, love and care, they will stand tall, beautiful, and mighty.”

In a sense, the words they spoke to me are coming to pass. The once small tribe that I knew is growing and prospering.

May the Grandfathers in the sky look upon us and bless us.

The logo of the tribe will always be a symbol of two very missed and loved people. 


By Julius Simon Peters