Thank you for your wonderful soothing products. While regular medecine fails me for relief of my sore hands and arthritis in my back, your sore joint creme often gives me welcome relief! I also enjoy the sage/lavendar/orange. I have found its scent to be a great stress reliever.
I found the little travel tins at the gift shop while on vacation in Sedona. I have sensitive skin and get different breakouts from time to time. Because I am diabetic, I heal slowly. A few spots really didn't respond well to anything. I have been using the Sage, Lavender Orange tin and it is the only thing that really work really well- better than anything I have tried from the doctor or the store... even black ointment. I have just ordered another tin because I am almost out. Now I am ordering other tinctures/teas and salves... these are truly wonderful products and I think more people should try them. I am very grateful for these products and now find them as important part of my medical cabinet as any! I can't wait to try the teas.
Thank you, Mary G calling from Jamaica this morning letting us know our Sage Lavender Orange Balm is the best remedy she found for her lips, she bought it in LA, Decanso Gardens....
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When I lived in Farmington, NM, I bought my first travel tin of Sage, Lavender and Orange. The title was Enlightening, and it was. I purchased more when I was last there, as well as the one for arthritis. I love it and recommend it. Natural has done it for thousands of years. Although Enlightening was not recommended for arthritis, I use it for painful joints in my hands. Ann Schlabach