Sage, Lavender, & Juniper


A moisturizing aromatic balm that heals minor skin ailments. 

 The "Beauty way" is the Navajo equivalent of the Tao, it means being at harmony with the world.  It is here and not here but it is here, get it.  I doubt it was ever easy to walk the beauty way or that it is harder today.  It is easy to think that it must be harder today, since there seems to be more against us than ever.  All the distractions and the toxic issues with our air, food and water sources come to mind.  It makes it easy to make excuses not to work on ourselve's.  The truth is always inside us waiting for us to "see" again on the path of great heart, the beauty way.  That what was lost cannot truly be lost.  That it has always been inside us.  My spirit, your spirit, everyone's spirits, all here together in one universe under one sun with nothing to question no illusions left, only the moment.  It is possible.  Peace made by us, for us and everywhere with no in-between.  So forget your enemies, give up your hate and return to the center of self.  When you need a little lift on your journey, pull your sage, lavender & juniper balm out of your pocket and use it.  It will help!

Directions: Rub a small amount of the balm between your fingers, than lightly rub under your nose and inhale.

Dry skinThis balm is not meant to be used as a regular moisturizer but as an aid for temporary dry skin conditions. 

Minor skin ailments: Minor ailments are any kind of little bump, bruise, bug bite or stress driven rash that might crop up in our day to day and especially when we are traveling.  You will find this balm to be 90% effective on most of these minor problems.   


Organic ingredients: Sunflower, Coconut & Macadamia nut oils, Calendula flower infusion.

Wildcrafted ingredients:  Essential oil  of Lavender(Lavendula Angustifolia), Essential oil of Juniper(Juniperus Communis) & Fair Trade African Shea butter.

Non-Organic ingredients  (Pesticide FREE) Golden Jojoba oil, Bee's wax, and Vitamin E (Isolated Tocopherol).


Store in a cool place and refrigerate in summer time.  For external use only.  This product contains Nut oils.