Sacred Sage Spirit Medicine - Silver Wolf Walks Alone


The author works from her adobe home on the desert mesa outside of Taos, New Mexico.  Her relationship with sacred sage has been a twelve year journey which has taken her to many earth-oriented ceremonies.

Her first book, a best seller, SACRED SAGE HOW IT HEALS, is a small book on the physical and ceremonial uses of sage.  SACRED SAGE SPIRIT MEDICINE is a sharing of her personal experiences from the last eight years with the spirit of artemisia tridentata (sacred sage).

With the new millennium upon us, Silver Wolf has found this extraordinary plant to be an ally for healing in the 21st century.  Its spirit has the ability to cut through the illusionary world and reveal our true Self.  Sacred sage is THE Aquarian Age herb for spiritual growth.

Silver Wolf Walks Alone is a graduate of George Mason University and the owner of WolfWalker Collection, a business that harvests ceremonial herbs.  She is a certified essential oil consultant, and teacher of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings.  She also leads desert retreats and earth oriented ceremonies.

ISBN 0-9640229-1-5