Pinon Sap Salve

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A natural antiseptic that relieves pain and promotes healing. 

Use for: Sunburn, Burns, minor Cuts & Scrapes.


 The sap from the Pinon tree gives a strong pine scent to this natural remedy.  It's healing powers are legendary among Native People's.  Made into a salve they become an effective, easy to apply remedy for pain and discomfort  associated with sunburn, minor burns and cuts.  It also improves healing time and reduces scarring. The Pinon tree is special not only for the medicinal sap that it produces.  It also provides nuts that are a favorite food of many tribal people that live throughout the South West.  In traditional way the sap is collected by hand and can be applied directly to serious burns or deep infections.  


For Sunburn; apply liberally, allow 10 minutes for pain to subside.  After several hours, if pain returns, re-apply.  This may be all that's needed, however for serious sunburns you may need to keep using for several days.  This will also help stop the skin from peeling. 

For treatment of burns; apply as soon after injury occurs as possible.  Pain should diminish or cease altogether within 15 minutes.  Note: for very serious burns seek medical attention first. 

Pinon sap salve is a little like first aid cream, you know the kind our mom's were always using on us as kids. It is pretty much used the same way.  Rub a small amount onto any small cut or scrape and thats it.  Maybe check next day to see how area is healing and re-apply if necessary. 

Pinon sap can also be an effective treatment for dry cracking skin, especially the feet or hands.  Rub in for at least a minute. The more you work it in the better for the over-all healing of the area.  For bad cases of cracking feet, apply more liberally and put socks on afterward. This will allow the area to retain the moisturizing effects of the salve for as long as possible.   

This salve is not recommended for treating serious infection.


Organic ingredients: Sunflower, Coconut, Calendula flower infusion and Avocado oils.

Wildcrafted ingredients: Infusion of Chaparral (Larrea Tridentata) and Fair Trade African Shea butter.

Non-Organic ingredients  (Pesticide FREE) Kikui nut oil, Golden Jojoba oil, Bee's wax, and Vitamin E (Isolated Tocopherol).


Store in a cool place.  For external use only.  This product does contain Nut oils.