Insect Bite Salve


Medicine of The People Navajo Herbal Remedies 100% Natural Insect Bite Salve 3 Travel Tins 0.75oz each @ always the newest expiration date! Alleviates pain, swelling and itch of insect bites. The Navajo herbs (proprietary blend) in this salve reduce the pain and swelling of insect bites. The salve can be rubbed directly into the bite. It is best to wash the area first to remove any poison on the surface of the skin. For relief from mosquito bites, apply small amount several times if needed. For spider bites, keep applying until improvement. In traditional way the herbs were made into an infusion that was applied directly to the affected area to help draw the poison out.

Organic ingredients: Sunflower, Calendula, Jojoba & Coconut. Wildcrafted: Navajo herbs (proprietary blend), Fair Trade African Shea butter. Also added: Bees wax and Vit. E