Diba Jimooyung: Telling Our Story


"Diba Jimooyung: Telling Our Story -- A History of the Saginaw Ojibwe Anishinabek"
Published by the Ziibiwing Cultural Society and The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Hard Cover

We are excited to bring you Diba Jimooyung.  Found here are many of the stories of Anishinabe men and women from older times — before the coming of Europeans–along with stories and accounts that happened after European and American contact. It is our story of our experience here on Turtle Island (North American), our homeland.

The writing of Diba Jimooyung has been no small undertaking, nor is it an insignificant accomplishment. For generations our "history" has been written by members of the collective group who committed genocide against our people. It has been long known that to control a people's history is to control their future. By writing Diba Jimooyung we are reclaiming our history. By doing so we bring honor to our ancestors who sacrificed so much to ensure that our people would endure.

It is our hope that through the sharing of our story, we can all come to a better understand of each other. Through understanding we may be able to heal and develop a respectful relationship with one another. This is our hope.