A Dictionary of Ojibway Language

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The Language of the Ojibway people was recorded by Frederic Baraga (1797-1868), a missionary pirest from Slovenia, who was sent in 1835 by the Catholic church to serve among the Ojibway living in the Lake Superior region. The multilingual Baraga quickly learned the Ojibway language and during many years worked with the communit to produce a dictionary, a grammar, and religious literature. In 1853 the first edition of A Dictionary of Otchipwe Language Explained in English was published, and a revised edition of this Ojibway-English , English Ojibway dictionary followed in 1878.
More than a hundred years later, this dictionary remains a classic and the most complete reference to the Ojibway language available. It is an important cultureal and linguistic source for historians, anthropologists, linguists, ethnologists, and all student interested in the Ojibway language.
A foreword by John D. Nichols, professor of American Indian Studies at the University of Minnesota, discusses the historical and cultural context in which the dictionary was created. Soft Cover.